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Inside Chick-fil-A

In a world where customer service and fast food feel more like oxymorons than experiences that go hand in hand, it may be a little surprising that restaurant customer service inspired a young author’s “how-to guide” on the subject. Sherron Stevens, a first-generation college student and rising sophomore pulled from his experience as a team member at the Chick-fil-A Market at East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio for his debut book. From his book, “Undercover Customer: 100 Ways to Fix Your Broken Customer Service”, Stevens shares with Chick-fil-A the top five tips he learned from his time spent at a Customer Service Hall of Fame Company:

Tip #1 - “Ask How Their Day Is:” This simple question opens up a world of opportunities to be able to really connect with the customer on a personal yet professional level.

Tip #2 - “Use the Customers Name Regularly:” A name represents one's characteristics and uniqueness. When you use someone’s name, it makes that person feel that you care directly for him or her.

“Figuring out what makes your customers tick will help create loyal advocates for the business.”

Tip #3 - “Always Acknowledge a Customer:” A customer needs to know and feel that you care for their business. If you acknowledge a customer as soon as they come in, they will feel that you care for how they spend their money.  

Tip #4 - “Ask for Feedback:” Customers may have complaints or compliments waiting. In order to better serve your customers, wouldn’t it be wise to figure out what they like and don’t like? Figuring out what makes your customers tick will help create loyal advocates for the business.

Tip #5 - “Smile Often:” A simple smile creates an atmosphere of happiness for you and the customer. A smile to a customer means you are happy to provide service to them and create a memorable experience.

Chick-Fil-A Team Member Sherron Stevens, author of "Undercover Customer. 100 Way to Fix Your Broken Customer Service"


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