Atlanta, get ready to take your Chick-fil-A experience to a whole new level! For a limited time only, the brand-new Chick-fil-A Mealtime Kits will be available in restaurants around the city beginning August 27.

Each Mealtime Kit is designed to offer you a new and easy way of preparing dinner – with the Chick-fil-A chicken you love – right in your own kitchen.

The Chicken Flatbread Mealtime Kit recipe is one of the more unique concepts. When Chick-fil-A Chef Stuart Tracy first created it, he had a hard time putting it into a category. It was created to serve two adults as a meal but could also be a great snack or appetizer for a crowd!

Ingredients include a shredded pimento cheese blend, smoky bacon crumbles, a spicy pepper relish and Chick-fil-A Ranch Dressing as an optional final topping.

It has just the right amount of kick without being too spicy.

“We wanted this to be something someone could easily make at home for dinner or take to a party,” Tracy said. “The flavors in this flatbread are through the roof!”

The Chicken Flatbread Mealtime Kit will be available for a limited time only beginning September 24 until October 13. Be sure to check out this list to find out where you can pick up a Mealtime Kit!

For those not in Atlanta and interested in trying one of the new Mealtime Kits, click this link and let us know where you are so we can bring this exciting new addition to the Chick-fil-A restaurant in your city!

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