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Apr 3, 2020

Lindsey Marcec

Lindsey Walker Marcec is what one might call a non-Southern Southerner. Though born in Tulsa and raised in Georgia, via a detour in Dallas, Lindsey doesn’t drink sweet tea, and words don’t roll off her tongue with that slow-but-stately drawl. However, this University of Georgia grad will fiercely argue that “y’all” is an acceptable contraction and espouse the merits of Southern literature, all while savoring a pimento cheese sandwich on a front porch rocker. A writer/editor by trade, Lindsey spent the last four years in New York City working in internal communications roles for large fashion companies. Now back in the South, she enjoys exploring the growing Southern food and culture scene with her husband Dan, hiking with her two adopted dogs, planning her next trip, and watching lots and lots of Netflix.