Part Coffee. Part Icedream. Pure Creamy Goodness.


What do you get when you combine cold-brewed coffee with vanilla Icedream®? The question had been on our minds ever since the tasty inception of Frosted Lemonade. Intrigued by the possibility of another frosted masterpiece made by combining ingredients already in our kitchens, we gave it a shot. Turns out, the result is pretty delicious.

To make Frosted Coffee, it all starts with THRIVE Farmers™.  A partnership with Chick-fil-A that began in 2014, their “farmer-direct” business model allows individual growers to partner with coffee farmers to sell their beans directly to Chick-fil-A. In turn, farmers earn up to 10 times more profit than traditional models. While the beans are sustainably sourced, they’re also specialty-grade, a designation held by only 10 percent of coffee in the world.

Once the beans are ground and cold-brewed, the only thing missing is a generous serving of our classic vanilla Icedream®. Hand-spun to frosty perfection, the result is a pick-me-up that you won’t be able to put down.

Now you know how we brew. Want to make the perfect cup at home? Learn from the experts at THRIVE Farmers™ on how to make barista quality coffee at home.

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