The only thing Chick-fil-A takes more seriously than delicious food is cooking it safely

Chick-fil-A’s Mealtime Kits are bringing the Chick-fil-A chicken you love -- combined with new chef-inspired flavors -- to your kitchen. Now you can enjoy recipes like Chicken Enchiladas and Pan Roasted Chicken without the planning and prep required of your usual dinner routine.

At Chick-fil-A, being a trusted source of your favorite food is at the heart of what we do, and we want to help you deliver that same experience to the people you love and are feeding inside your home. Our commitment to food safety makes it possible to serve you -- both inside and outside our restaurants. Throughout the entire process of preparing our Mealtime Kits and transporting them to restaurants, kits are kept refrigerated to ensure you receive safe, fresh food.

And while we can’t be there to cook for you, there are five easy steps that you can do at home to ensure you’re cooking these delicious meals safely:

1. As soon as you get home, put the kit inside the fridge until you’re ready to start cooking. Remember, refrigerators should always be set to 40°F or below.
Tip: If you plan to stock up on a few meals and wait to enjoy, note the “use by” date on the side panel of each kit. Be sure to enjoy the meals within that time frame to ensure peak quality of the food.

2. Always wash your hands before cooking (we know you know this, but it’s always worth repeating). Tip: Get the water as hot as is bearable, lather with soap and scrub for 10-15 seconds (try singing the “Happy Birthday” chorus twice-over!). Rinse with warm water and dry hands with a paper towel.

3. Keep cooking utensils separate for raw and fresh ingredients. This is especially key when prepping raw chicken. Tip: Never place cooked food on a surface used for raw chicken unless you’ve washed, rinsed and sanitized it. Also prepare raw chicken with different cutting boards and utensils than you’re using for other ingredients like produce. This will help keep foodborne illnesses at bay!

4. Cook chicken until it reaches 165°F. Tip: Yes, even modern-day meal kits require an old-school meat thermometer.

5. Put leftovers away promptly. Tip: Although it’s unlikely you’ll have many leftovers, make sure you put them in the fridge within two hours of cooking. When reheating, get out the trusty thermometer again to ensure you bring food back up to that same 165°F.

Now that you’re one step closer to being a food safety pro, go pick up and enjoy a Chick-fil-A Mealtime Kit today!

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